Beyond the bootcamp:

Empowering students to design their future

At Launch Academy, you’ll learn more than just how to build incredible applications. We’ll teach you how to learn - giving you all the tools you need to continue your growth as a software developer well into the future. With lifelong career support, continued curriculum updates and access, and an alumni network 1000+ strong, you’ll have everything you need to pursue the future you want.

Yes, we build immersive courses and career training. But where Launch excels is beyond the curriculum: setting up students for substantive success and continued support

Launch Academy consists of a group of lifelong learners who are interested in supporting others to become better versions of themselves. We were founded with the aspiration of giving people the gift of loving what they do for work on a daily basis. Our passion for helping aspiring software engineers is as strong today as it was on May 1, 2013 on day one of our first cohort.

Hands-on expertise

Your instructors are not only great teachers - they’re excellent developers as well. They regularly work on software projects to bring you the most cutting edge practices.

Evolving curriculum

Technology doesn’t stay the same for long, and neither does our curriculum. The Launch Academy curriculum is updated every cohort to make sure you’re learning what is relevant and in demand.

More than just a job

Once you land your first software development job, the Launch community is still here for you. Ongoing access to curriculum, alumni communities, and other resources are available for life.

We’re great at what we do

  • Amazon
  • Care
  • Six River Systems
  • Brightcove
  • CVS
  • Hubspot

“I looked at other boot camps and felt that Launch Academy had the most human-friendly approach.""

Susan Ma: Launch Academy Alumna
Susan Ma

Driven by a common thread to help others succeed

Your success is our success. The Launch Academy team is here to help you level up and find the career you’ve always wanted.

Alex Schwartz
Director of Student Success
Brianna Kincart
Workforce Experience Manager
Nick Alberts
Boston Experience Manager

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